Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wildcat, Lover's Leap, Eagle's Clif December 31, 2015

Early this morning it snowed maybe an inch, leaving the roads very slippery.  23 walkers today.  Great day for a hike.  We started our walk on the Campanula trail on the way to Wildcat Canyon.  We stayed on the bluff trail and went down the stairs by Lonetree canyon headed to LaSalle Canyon.  The trail was flooded by the LaSalle Canyon bridge so we turned around and went to Eagle's Cliff and Lover's Leap. 
Theme photo of the hike

23 hikers today and 2 dogs

Good thing we don't need the map

 Upper French Canyon

When we started out there had been only one person on the trail before us.
Upper Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon Waterfall

And how do we get into the Canyon?  Not today.

From Wildcat Canyon on.  We were the first ones on the trail.

I made the mistake of saying, that I should make a snow angel.....So here she is.  I will call her Susan.

Where did it go?  Sandstone Point
Oh here it is.  What happened?

Going down 155, on our way to the River trail

The river is getting real close to the trail

Almost to the LaSalle Canyon Bridge.  Now the Illinois River is on the trail.  LaSalle Canyon will have to wait until another day.

Little waterfall under Sandstone Point

I thought this was a real duck, until I didn't see it moving.  This was a close as we would come today to seeing wildlife.

View of the Dam from Eagles Cliff.  All dam gates are open

View from Eagles Clif

View to the East from Eagles Clif

View of Starved Rock from Lover's Leap

French Canyon from the bluff trail

Upper French Canyon, almost back to the Lodge

Finally saw some eagles today.

Reid and Kevin, part of the Walker's Club and brothers, built these snowballs while hiking today.  They tossed them around when they returned and the one who dropped the ball first was the loser.  The same brother dropped the ball twice.  Who was it???  I'm not telling.
I will leave you with this: You can only do something first once, no matter how much you wish you knew then what you know now.

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