Friday, December 11, 2015

Dec. 10, 2015 Starved Rock, French, Wildcat and Pontiac Canyons

Photo of the day
Today's walkers went to the top of Starved Rock, French, Pontiac and Wildcat Canyons.  Today was also our Christmas Party.  After the hike, we went to the Main Dining Room of the Lodge for Lunch. We also hosted a cookie exchange, where if you brought dozen cookies, we would mix them up and you would go home with a mixture of 2 doz cookies. 

43 walkers today.  The weather was about 52 and windy.  

View of Lover's Leap from Starved Rock

We were lucky enough to see 2 eagles flying while we were at the top of Starved Rock

Lock and Dam

Windy flags at the top of Starved Rock

View of the Lodge from the West side of Starved Rock

Take out what you bring in.  This is the last can, just like the sign says.

Going into French

Almost there

Joe is telling the story of how French Canyon got its name.

My friend Jennifer on the left with her friend Sheryl (now my friend also), celebrating Jennifer's birthday with us today.  Happy Birthday !!!

Coming out of French, be careful of these steps in the winter when the ice forms. Last year it was a very slippery ice slide.  If you slid in, you had a very tough time getting out. 

We couldn't decide if something had a fight here, a dog was brushed here or Santa trimmed his beard.

52 degrees was pretty toasty for Gary

Pontiac Canyon

I'm on the East overlook, taking a photo of the West overlook

Wildcat Canyon, looking good!!!!

Move em out!!! It's time for lunch!!!  How many people does this platform hold????

We took an additional walk on the flat trail coming from the overflow parking area.  The biggest burl in the park is located here.

They brought their cookies in the morning.  While we were all hiking, my office mixed them up and repackaged them.  We even had a few that didn't make it in the packages, those were great for dessert.

Some walkers had their spouses meet them for lunch.  48 enjoyed lunch.  We also took up a collection for the local homeless shelter (IV PADS) $330.00.  This was a great day.  How many times does one person get to be in a room filled with their friends?  I am totally blessed and grateful to be able spend my Thursdays with this group of people. 
I will leave you with this: For one minute, walk outside, stand there, in silence, look up at the sky, and contemplate, how amazing life is!

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  1. Always enjoy the pictures and narration, Edna. Great post!