Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 26, 2015 - Illinois, Kaskaskia and Ottawa Canyons and Council Overhang

Today we had 25 hikers and 1 dog.  I was very surprised there wasn't more.  It was a little chilly but the sun was shining.  We all carpooled to the Illinois Canyon parking lot and walked into Illinois Canyon.
Signs of Spring!

Getting a bit impatient with the wildflowers. I just love to see the new ones peeking through.  False Rue Anemone.
Stream crossing #1

Stream crossing #2

Stream Crossing #3

Illinois Canyon Waterfall

The white section of the wall recently fell.  See following photo.

Pile of sandstone that fell from above.

Suzanne and I didn't have any trouble crossing the streams or going through the mud.

This is sad, Peggy and I each picked up a bag of trash in Illinois Canyon.  Not pictured is the additional 2 bags we also picked up in Ottawa / Kaskaskia Canyon.

The D N R (Department of Natural Resources) put this mulch on the "Swamp Trail"  This is the usually muddy trail between Illinois and Kaskaskia Canyons.  Some thought it was a boy scout project.  Who ever it was..... Thank you!!!

Signs of Spring!!

See the hiking boot?

Council Overhang

Horse tails, these are located at the intersection of Ottawa and Kaskaskia Canyon

Kaskaskia Canyon

Kaskaskia Canyon
Joe was trying to figure something out.  Maybe calculating how long it will take for the walls in Kaskaskia Canyon to erode away.

The early beginnings of Hepatica.  Maybe full bloom by next week.

I just never ends.  When you bring something along, it always amazes me the emptier the container gets, the heavier it gets.  I'm thinking that's why we see so many bottles on the trail.....

Ottawa Canyon

Looking out from Ottawa Canyon

Ottawa Canyon from behind the waterfall

A couple from Chicago celebrating a new job with a visit to Starved Rock.

Large moss covered rock in Ottawa Canyon

This Burl covered tree is near Council Overhang.
What a great day to hike. (I really don't have any bad days) The sun stayed out all the while we were hiking.  Next week we will be going to Matthiessen State Park.  Meet in the Lodge's Lobby at 9:00a.m.

I will leave you with this:  Keep a green tree in your heart and the singing bird stays nearby.

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