Friday, March 6, 2015

Kaskaskia, Ottawa, Pontiac Canyons March 5, 2015

Today's walker's club boarded a trolley (driven by me) to Council Overhang parking lot east of the Lodge.  We had 21 hikers.  All had extra traction on their boots.  We started out at 3 degrees and when we finished the temperature was about 10.  We all were bundled up and had a great hike.

21 walkers
First stop Council Overhang
Right about the corner is Council Overhang.  In the background, formed in the sandstone is a hiking boot.  Use your imagination.  See it?

For some extra activity, a few walker's went up into Council Overhang
On the way into Kaskaskia there is a smaller Council Overhang forming.  It will take maaannnnnnyyyyy years to catch up!
One of the reasons we went into Kaskaskia Canyon today was to go behind this frozen waterfall.  It wasn't a disappointment.  See the crack near the top of the canyon?

The view of the frozen waterfall in Kaskaskia from the front.  Hike leader Joe is holding up the logs.

We weren't planning to go into Ottawa Canyon, but we were just so close when we walked out of Kaskaskia Canyon.
When we were on our way back we had to cross Rt. 71.  Good thing we weren't the first ones crossing.  A path was already formed.

This is an ice fall forming on the West wall of Hennepin Canyon

This is the view from the bridge over Hennepin Canyon looking North
Hidden Canyon (I think) It is suppose to be Hidden!
Trail Trees or Trail Marker Trees.  Could this be one?  These were used to mark trails so the Native Americans knew where to find things and guided them where to go.  "On the other side is Owl Canyon"

First 1/2 of the group waiting for the second 1/2 near the parking lot spur trail by Owl Canyon

Steps going down to Owl Canyon.  VERY ICY!  Glad I had my Katoohlas!!!!

Photo taken along the river trail.  I thought the ice looked like taffy being pulled.  Or maybe I was just a little hungry!

View of Terry taking a photo of us on the LaSalle Canyon Bridge. (no those are not our tracks)
Lonetree Canyon
These steps are always a little sketchy (icy and dangerous) in the winter.

Walking along the River trail all of a sudden the group just stopped.  The person in the front spotted this eagle right above us.  He/she stayed there the whole time, posing for photos. I took quite a few but am posting just 3 of them here.  Couldn't decide on which one to keep. Enjoy!

I love this view!  View of Eagles Cliff from the river trail.
A zoomed photo of Wildcat Canyon from the Bridge into the canyon.  Notice the blue color.
Unzoomed photo of Wildcat Canyon.  No ice climbers today.
Coming out of Wildcat, right by the bridge, we noticed these bones.  Pretty sturdy vertebrae with lightweight rib bones.  Thinking its a Turkey????
Pontiac Canyon... Great Canyon, just happened to have a fantastic ice fall. Again took lots of photos and couldn't choose.  Enjoy!!

Someone started a snowman near Wildcat canyon
The top of Starved Rock from the Bluff Trail

French Canyon from the top.  Certainly looked icy.
Almost back to the Lodge

Eagle carving near the Lodge.  Still seeing Eagles!!!!

 I will leave you with this: Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.

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