Thursday, March 20, 2014

3-20-2014- St. Louis, Aurora, Sac and Kickapoo Canyons

Today was the first day of Spring.  03-20-2014  We had 16 Walker Club members and Cocoa.  We are headed out to St. Louis Canyon.  On the way we will see Aurora, Sac and Kickapoo Canyons.

Icy trails

The trails today were a little icy in spots.  Most of the time you could walk on the edges.  Many of us still wore the Yak trax.  Maybe we will get to put them away????

Nice Waterfall in Aurora
Kickapoo Canyon
Quite a bit of snow in St. Louis Canyon

St. Louis Canyon Rock Slide

This is where the rock slide took place in 2002.  You can still tell a little.
St. Louis Canyon ice fall
Bottom of the ice fall
At the bottom of the fall where the water is falling is about 3 feet thick of ice.  We also went behind the ice fall.
Ice fingers behind the frozen fall

Walker's Club
On the way back I had everyone sit on this long slab of sandstone for a photo.  I always wanted to take a photo here.  What a great looking group!!!
Iron in the sandstone

Inside Aurora Canyon
Aurora is my favorite canyon.  Not many people go here, in comparison to other canyons.  Today getting there was a little tricky.  I had to slide down a few steps on my rear.  Only 3 of us went all the way in the Canyon.
Inside Aurora Canyon- looking up
If you look at the top of the photo you can see the railing of the walkway.  That is the same walkway we were on going out to St. Louis.


 It is that time of year again....  Remember those candles that you could burn and when you get to the bottom there was a prize?  Well it is the same way with the snow.  When it melts, we are left with many surprises that seemed too heavy to carry in the winter. (yeah right).  When going out, carry a small trash bag (plastic grocery bags work great).

 I will leave you with this: Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.

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