Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wildcat, LaSalle Canyons, Eagles Cliff, Lover's Leap 01-23-2016

Theme photo of the hike

I was the hike leader for the Guided Winter Hike today.  We had 16 hikers and 3 dogs.  They were a great group!  All stayed together pretty much the whole time.  There was a little bit of ice on the trails and the stairways.  It is time to bring out the Yak trax.  

The only difference between the Walk and Pro is that the PROs have the strap to hold them on your boots.

Some of the trails are icy, Yak trax were nice to have today.

Wildcat from the East Overlook.

Time for a photo!

Up, Under or Around

Coming down the stairway by Lonetree Canyon.  Steps were more snow than ice.  Nice to have the Yak-trax

Going into LaSalle Canyon

Bonus waterfall going into LaSalle Canyon

LaSalle Canyon

LaSalle Canyon up close
LaSalle Canyon from behind

LaSalle Canyon was so spectacular, I had to take a video

Bridge coming out of LaSalle Canyon

Illinois River, Near LaSalle Canyon

Resting place along the Illinois River near Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon, 2 frozen waterfalls today

Wildcat Canyon

Looking East from Eagle's Cliff

Lone Eagle.  Coming back from Lover's Leap, near Devil's Nose

Top of French Canyon

Top of French Canyon.  Almost back to the Lodge
What a great day to be out hiking!

I will leave you with this: "Log off", "Shut down", "Go Outside".

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