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Isle Royale August 27th - Sept. 5th, 2015

We left home in two cars on August 27th.  We stayed overnight at the Super 8 hotel in Houghton Michigan.  After we checked in to the hotel, we were looking for a regional favorite restaurant.  Roy's came up many times for having the best pasties around.  As soon as we walked in the door, the lady at the counter gave us the bad news.  They were out of every kind off pasty,  so we ended up at the Library.  Nice place to eat, but we really wanted a pasty.  Maybe next year.
Kevin and Barb

The Library

We are all fresh and clean.  We boarded the Ranger (in the background). Barb, Kevin, Jennifer, myself, Ron and Dan
North side of the waterway.  Notice the ski lift

The Ranger, a National Park Service ship goes to Isle Royale 3 times a week.  The lift bridge in Houghton.

The lift bridge going up
Brenden: The Purser on the ship

The 1855 Rock Harbor Lighthouse

The first stop for the Ranger is on Mott Island. This is where the supplies from the mainland are brought.  Other items like the mail, trail building materials etc. are taken.

The Ranger's purser Brendon (center) and his father and brother were also aboard.  They came for a visit and stayed overnight on the Ranger.

We always get a group photo at the island sign. Dan, Barb, Ron, Me, Kevin and Jennifer

Checking out Suzy's cave

All of us by Suzy's Cave

Our first campground, 3-mile island, We stayed at Group # 1

My tent at 3-mile

Barb and Jennifer's tents at 3 mile campground

There are only 10 mammals on the island.  This little snow shoe hair was behind my tent.  The ten mammals are mouse, beaver, mink, weasel, wolf, moose, snowshoe hare, river otter, fox and squirrel.

View from the trail near the campground

Some of us went the long way around to get to the next campground - Daisy Farm.  Ron, Dan, Jennifer and myself went to Mt Franklin and then Mt. Ojibway and finally to Daisy Farm.

Indian Pipe

Jennifer and Dan balancing on the boardwalks over the bog areas.

Sign by Mt Franklin, one of my favorite places

Dan and Ron enjoying the photographic opportunities that Mt Franklin offers.  We had lunch here.

Orange Hawkweed

Blueberries were a little small this year.  I would pick about 10-12 at a time to eat them.  Delicious!!!!
Lichen or Fungus

My campsite at Daisy Farm 2nd campsite

dinner at Daisy Farm.  Bagel and pepper gravy with a cup of hot chocolate on the side.

Twice a week, Rolf and Candy Peterson do a Wolf / Moose program on the beach at Daisy Farm.  They live in a cottage across the harbor.  They paddle a canoe over.

View from Daisy Farm

Black eyed Susans at Daisy Farm
Found this print on the trail.  Think it is from a fox.

Barb slept well at Daisy Farm, she is ready to go (first one)

My favorite lunch: Almond Butter and jelly bagel

2.1 miles to go before lunch.

Lake Ritchie Campground sign.  We stayed at Group 2

Plenty of space to spread out here

We arrived at the campground early and had plenty of time to wash out some clothes.  This tree was conveniently located in the sun and had enough branches for all. I counted 35 pieces of clothing.

View of Lake Ritchie

Saw this little toad on the rocks by Lake Ritchie

When it gets dark, you  have to make sure you have your headlamp

Some evenings were better to get photos of the moon

Add caption

These moose antlers were found on the beach by McCargo Cove.

view from the McCargoe

found this little butterfly near the firepit at McCargoe Cove

Kevin was feeling a little "Goofy"

View of the Cove looking toward Lake Superior

Ron, Jennifer and I stayed in our tents at Group 2, and Barb, Dan and Kevin chose shelter 4

"Are we headed to Todd Harbor?"

While at Todd Harbor, we did some sightseeing.  We went to the Haytown Mine and the Waterfall

1st half of the waterfall

2nd half of the waterfall, dumping into Lake Superior

Todd Harbor Campground sign.  We stayed at Group 1

Oxe Eyed Daisies

The fog was going in and out quite a bit near sunset time.  I am putting all the evenings photos here. 

Anticipation of the sunset for Jennifer

Waiting around

Rocks at the West end of Todd Harbor

Almost time

Darn, the fog is going to be in the way....

Sunset is back on

Or maybe not tonight

Oh wait, it's back

Fireweed growing on the rocks

Oh no, not again....

We didn't get a final sunset.  Came close.  Still great!!!

This is a sunrise from Todd Harbor from around a rock. 

Leaving Todd Harbor, I found these Canadian Geese at the trailhead.  They followed us for a while.

Todd Harbor

I always like to take my breaks on the ridges

Coming out of one of the many boggy areas

East Chickenbone campsite.  We stayed at Group One.  This site is the only one on the island that does NOT have a direct water source.  We had to walk about 1/2 mile to get the water to filter.

Campground at East Chickenbone Campsite

A fox came into our camp numerous times.  This is the best photo I could get.

Turtlehead flowers grow in the bogs

Many of the trails are roots and rocks


View from the "Viewpoint" on the way to Daisy Farm

I stopped for a few Blueberries

Mt Ojibway

All enjoying dinner at the Daisy Farm pavilion

Jennifer was using the Sawyer Squeeze to filter water

This was as far as the Sunrise got this morning at Daisy Farm

Daisy Farm also had some apples.  Ron knocked them down with a stick.  It was great to have some real fruit.  They were right in front of the #11 shelter.  thanks Jeff for finding them!

View of Lake Superior.  On the way back to Rock Harbor

 Monch Aster along the bogs

Closed Gentian

There are many mines on Isle Royale.  Some of them are marked

Mine pit
Rocks and Roots - typical trail

thimbleberries were ripe for the picking

The path was lined with moss and lichen

Joe Pie Weed

Rock Harbor Campground 1/2 of us stayed in our tents on #16, and the other 1/2 was in shelter # 7

One of the things we missed the most was a COLD beverage.  Hit the spot!!

This burger and fries hit the spot also

There were 3 camps on Isle Royale

There were quite a few shipwrecks on Isle Royale over the years.  Many people dive the wrecks.  Rembert the Edmund Fitgerald???
Butter and Eggs (in the snapdragon family)

We stopped to get some cheese on the way home.

Sissy the Cow at Ehlenbach's (we stopped here on the way home)
We were on vacation for 9 days and 8 nights. Very peaceful.  No cellphone or electronics the whole week.  Nice way to be unplugged.

I will leave you with this: Life is an adventure.  It's not the destination we reach that's most rewarding.  It's the journey along the way.

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  1. Lovely trip summary Edna. I could taste the blueberries again. What a great time!