Thursday, May 7, 2015

April 30th Walker's Club LaSalle, Tonti Canyon

Best photo of the hike
Sorry this post is a little late.  We had a beautiful day a few days after a heavy rain, which meant the waterfalls we saw were flowing great.  Today we had 43 walker's and 3 dog.  That is a record. We met in the Lodge's lobby and carpooled to the Parkman's Plain parking lot off of Rt. 71. and walked into Owl, LaSalle, Tonti and to the bottom of the steps by Lonetree.

43 walkers and 3 dogs

Our state flower - Violet

Blue Phlox

Virginia Bluebells are still hanging on

Virginia Blue bells

Owl Canyon

Squirrel Corn

At the mouth of Owl Canyon - Kevin is taking a break

Prairie Trillium

Swamp Buttercup I think (I always have trouble with this one)

The buds on the Columbine

Mouse eared Chickweed

Jack in the Pulpit

LaSalle Canyon

West wall in LaSalle Canyon

Tonti Canyon

Creeping Charlie

Coming across the LaSalle Canyon Bridge

Trash picked up during the hike.  Yes that is a duck decoy!

Ellie also found this frisbee on the river trail.  She was wearing it as a necklace throughout the hike.
I will leave you with this: The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

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