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Montana Trip Nov. 24-Dec. 3, 2014

On November 24th I went to Montana to visit Hanna and Matt.  Here is the journey.... Not much hiking but my first time in Montana was great.  I flew out of the Moline Airport to Minneapolis where I had a 3 hour layover before going on to Billings Montana.  While in Minneapolis I had plenty of time to shop.  Below is a photo of flat Jesus.  My church's children have colored these and have asked our congregation to take photos of places we go to and take photos to signify that Jesus is everywhere we are.  I found him in various places on my vacation.

D O G was napping on my lap, shortly after arriving.
The day after my arrival Hanna and I went shopping.  Yes it snowed all day.  This was also her 30th birthday!
We stopped her for lunch.  All you can eat soup and salad
We went to Scheels - an outdoor sports store

We took a Ferris Wheel ride in Scheels
One of the things we did on her Birthday was paint ceramics.  We should have brought a bottle of wine.  I made a container for utensils (for the new kitchen)  Randy's Christmas gift.  sssshhhhhh don't tell him.  Hanna made a fruit bowl.
We went out to eat with Hanna and Matt's friends Jerrid and Amber.  Matt lost the 0.  Yes Hanna is really 30'

On Thanksgiving morning we did the "Run Turkey Run"  Upon finishing we were rewarded with a glass of beer.  Step right up!
There was ice on the roads.  We walked on the sidewalks.  Finished with a beer. There is something to be said for a cold beer on Thanksgiving morning at 10:00a.m.

After the "Run" we went to Perkins for breakfast.  Matt had to have a Rice Krispie treat.  Well actually it was so big, Hanna and Matt split it.
This is a photo of the Rims.  To the North of Billings is the Rimrock

We stopped by Matt's office
We went shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Merry Christmas Hanna and Matt!  Sorry I didn't have the time or the paper to wrap the couch.  Enjoy!

On Friday we went downtown Billings to see the Christmas parade.  I was in it for Santa!
An hour and a half later, Santa at last!
On Tuesday Hanna and I had breakfast with her sewing friends.  I would sew with them on a different day.  Hanna is very blessed to have such a great group of ladies to sew with.

 "Sugarbeets"  Montana has the biggest crop of sugar beets in the country

We also went shopping for a small Christmas tree and a piece of lighted garland for the window.  When we got home we made this quilted tree skirt
We had planned to go to Yellowstone National Park on Saturday but it snowed and was windy so we postponed until Sunday.  Enjoy the wonderful photos.

beautiful scenery and we aren't even there yet

Almost there

Matt in a photo op.

Hanna and I at the entrance arch to Yellowstone National Park.  Did you know that Yellowstone is the nations 1st National Park.  1872

The Gardiner River

See the elk in the distance?  This is just the beginning!

Yellowstone National Park is the world's largest collection of Geysers

It was maintained good enough for us.

Matt and Hanna just had to get out of the car for this photo.  Big drop off from this high bridge



Yes this Elk was in the middle of the road.  I even took a video

On the way back home through the small town of Gardiner
The elk were everywhere in town on the way home.

Most of Yellowstone is actually in Wyoming.  So we took this photo on the way home.

I brought some material  to make mittens for Hanna's friends at work
D O G, Pepper and Myrona.  This is what they do

Hanna dropped me off at Perkins for breakfast at 7:30a.m. (she had to be to work at 8:00a.m.)  I then walked to the quilt shop next door and sewed all day with her sewing group.  I worked on some mittens and pillows for her new couch.
D O G, Jesus and me right before I left to come home.
I didn't get to go hiking here in Montana on this trip, but I plan on going back when the weather is more accommodating for hiking.  I had a great time with Hanna and Matt.  I miss Hanna alot, however with facebook and texting it makes the distance easier.  She and Matt love Montana and both of their jobs.  They are doing well!  

 I will leave you with this: Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.

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