Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ottawa, Kaskaskia and Illinois Canyons November 20-2014

Today our Walker's Club had 21 hikers and 1 dog (Cocoa).  It was a little chilly, but no breeze.  About 25 degrees.  I brought out the "musher hat" and of course the flannel lined jeans.  Great day for a hike. 

I don't do well with selfies, but this is my "musher hat". I have 2 of these hats and they are both equally warm.  My kids laugh at me when I wear it, but it is warm. 

21 hikers today plus Cocoa

Use your imagination.... Can you see the hiking boot?

Going up to Council Overhang

Looking up in Council Overhang

Again, use your imagination.... Can you see the bison?

A little bit of ice fall in Ottawa Canyon

Frozen ice at the bottom of Ottawa Canyon

Looking back coming out of Ottawa Canyon

Jack is contemplating going behind the logs into the cave like area.  (He didn't go, but I did)  See next photo.

I went behind the waterfall area in Kaskaskia Canyon.

Horse tails or snake grass.  They stay green all year.

Found this photographer in Council Overhang on the way back.  Starved Rock Photo Show and Contest will be                  Feb. 22-2015

Honey Locust fruit

Illinois Canyon... Yes there is a waterfall.... next slide will show you the video

What a great group!

On the way out of Illinois Canyon there is this rock formation.  Kind of looks like a toilet, don't you think?
I will leave you with this: Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.

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