Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4-01-2014 Waterfall and Canyon Tour

Hike Preview- Waterfall and Canyon Tour April 1st

Our Waterfall and Canyon tours begin in April and go through May.  They are scheduled every Saturday and Monday.  This is a great way to see 3 great canyons, experience a trolley ride and enjoy a fabulous lunch in "Elements" the Lodge's Main Dining Room.  Right before the first trolley hike of the year we always have to go out and check out the terrain for our guests.  THE WORD OF THE DAY IS MUD!!  AND LOTS OF IT!!
Ottawa Canyon


Once you get on the trail, you see this sign to tell you that you are on your way.


Erosion near Council Overhang

Council Overhang
Council Overhang is spectacular as usual. Also along the walk, on the left, will be a smaller version of Council Overhang. 
Smaller Council Overhang

Pam - Our Waterfall and Canyon Guide
A little bit of mud doesn't bother Pam.  She has waterproof shoes on and a hiking stick to help her over the streams.
Cool Rock
After all the excitement of seeing the waterfall, we finally turned around to go back to the car to go off to the next canyon. St. Louis Canyon didn't disappoint.  Crossing a series of bridges and a very little mud will bring you to the large open space where St. Louis Canyon is.

St. Louis Canyon

Pam- Our Waterfall and Canyon Guide

There is an area in St. Louis Canyon whereas there was a major rock slide a few years ago.  Pam stayed away from the stream and chose to battle with the sand.  Good choice Pam.

St. Louis Canyon Video - Spectacular!!!

All family and friends in St. Louis Canyon
While we were enjoying St. Louis Canyon we met a group of family and friends.  By all of the smiles you can tell they were having a great day also.  One of the people in this group found a pretty nice Samsung phone.  I in turn gave it to Wayne at the Visitor Center.

We got back in our car for our 3rd canyon- French Canyon.  Before we get there, we went to the Visitor Center for a bathroom break and a bottle of water. (also a stop on the tour).

Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center
Once inside the Visitor Center, there is a large tree "Cookie"  that came from an American Elm a few years back.
American Elm Tree Display at the Visitor Center
Wayne- Volunteer at the Visitor Center
After talking briefly with Wayne and showing him our cool videos we were off to our final Canyon- French.
Pam- Waterfall and Canyon Guide
Leaving the Visitor Center we came to a few tall steps, but no mud. 
Looking into French

These first steps are a little on the icy side.  The white stuff you see in the center of the photo is ICE.  We did not go in.  If you made one slippery step you would be in the cold icy pool.  I went as far as the ice.

The large ice boulder like chunks are now gone.
Going into French
Great Video of French Canyon!!!! 
Recap of the day.  Excellent day to go scouting out the hike for the weekend.  I would recommend wearing waterproof boots.  Or better yet, rain boots.  I received these boots for Christmas for just this purpose.
Excellent boots
I will leave you with this: Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.  

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